~ An Hour With You~

Memories...The Fourth Of July


Oh, I could feel the anticipation
On that long ago.... Hot summer day
Celebrating the "Fourth Of July"
Awaiting fireworks, in fine array

The picnic baskets were carried,
As we hunted a spot in the shade
Carefully laying the pretty table cloth
In preparation of the food ...That was made

Corn on the cob, was set to roasting
Hot dogs and hamburgers, on the grill
Mom was cutting up the melons.....
Anxiously I waited, to get my fill

Rippling waters ...looked inviting
Carrying inner-tubes as we jumped in
For a turn to float, we’d be fighting...
Fond memories of those day, back then

Later ...... Sitting at the picnic table
We’d join in prayer, for the Military
Who guard our land and Independence
A heavy burden that ...They carry

Mama would continue praising God
For all that He blessed us with ..Then
We kids would be glad, when she finished
‘Cause then we could ..... Dig right in

But....The special part, was the evening
When the time was drawing near......
To watch all those beautiful Fireworks
Explode colorful flashes, into the air

The excitement was so escalating..........
While the band played, in the background
The heavy smell of sulfur filled the air
As we spun our sparklers...Round and round

Those were the days of celebration
When love and good cheer...Were abound
When we gave thanks for this Nation
That Our honored Forefathers had found!

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright © 2005

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Music: "The Star Spangled Banner"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission