~ An Hour With You~


In my lonely evening solitude,
I slowly take out your letters,
Lifting them from the keepsake chest,
They've laid undisturbed over the months,
Since you were gently laid to rest.

As I hold them in my hands,
Tears blur my vision,
Remembering being smitten,
Captivated by the the words,
You have so eloquently written.

I see your face in memory,
Recall the smile for which I yearn,
Oh the wonderful memory of you,
Rends my soul in sorrowfulness,
Daily sadness invades my life anew.

I look at the words expressing your love,
My heart is breaking; yet it still pulses,
How can I live without you my dear,
Face life alone another gloomy day,
I need your presence ever near.

I mourn for the memories,
I pray for it all to be a dream,
My life is nothing but emptiness,
I sit as a shell encased in thought,
Dire hurt is e'er boundlessness.

If only memories could come alive,
Bring back my beloved to me,
I could close the keepsake chest,
Dry my cascading tears of sadness,
As I lay my head upon your breast.

Gayle Davis
November 10, 2005



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Music: "Abyss"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy His Music