~An Hour With You~

I think of you as days go by,
And wonder how you are.
My heart relives sweet moments with you,
And I feel you from afar.

I'll always remember the days,
That were filled with caring.
Days that were not complete,
Unless we two were sharing.

All the funny happenings,
And things within our past.
Were precious memories to share,
And will forever last.

My days were filled with happiness,
They seemed to never end.
You always made me feel so special,
You were my best friend.

I miss your smile and laughter,
Sweet words you spoke each day.
Although some days were painful,
We made them through some way.

My heart has always loved you
And I know it always will.
A love that was a special gift.
And I treasure it even still.




Music: "I Will Always Love You"
Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission