~An Hour With You~             

Many Faces

See the lovely clown smiling
Laughing and being silly
Donít let her antics fool you
For we all have many faces

A different face we show to each person
We met along the path of our lives
No one ever really knows
Who we really are on the inside

For we hide and protect ourselves
To keep from getting hurt by others
There is a part only seen by God
For he does not judge us, just loves us

It seems we live in a superficial world
So it seems we are like the clown
She wears paint to hide who she is
She can change her faces everyday

She lets you see just what she
Really wants you all to see
This way no one knows who she is
Or really what she feels in her heart

When the clown washes off her paint
You see the real person inside
Maybe a lost and lonely person
Who needs to be loved and cared for

When putting back on her paint
She is the happy go lucky person
She wants to portray to the world
For then she can make people happy

Even though sometimes she is crying inside
She survives by showing her many faces
In a world were people judge each other
Which has lead to people having Many Faces

©Donna Kramer
Oct 4, 2005





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Music: Send In The Clowns

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Permission Granted