~ An Hour With You~

Beautiful eagles go flying through the air,
On another majestic flight without a care.
Wings spread out wide and so gracefully,
For all who will look their beauty to see.

Our symbol of freedom you always stay,
From your chosen path you do not stray.
Never meant to be tamed by mortal man,
To be flying forever freely oíer this land.

Always so very proud as you glide above,
A sign of freedom Americans all know of.
To remain completely free to fly as you do,
As if all of the heavens belong to just you.

May you always fly where we all can see,
May you always soar high with dignity.
Safe from those who would try to do harm,
God watches over you with a loving arm.

To continue always flying forever free,
In 1782 a sign of Americaís own decree.
America home of the free and the brave,
Our flag of stars and stripes proudly wave.

So many symbols people choose to ignore,
No longer free to mention God anymore.
I still can not believe what has come to be,
To this land which is suppose to be free.

Courts are now deciding things for man,
Was this really a part of the original plan.
The Declaration of Independence stated,
Words which now have been desecrated.

Endowed by our creator with certain rights,
Over centuries for which we still must fight.
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness,
But everywhere about us our land is a mess.

Please bring back all of our symbols of peace,
Give back all Americans complete release.
Able to watch the mighty eagle fly so high,
To freely praise God, our creator in the sky.

Please donít burn the American flag anymore,
If you donít like it here, then leave our shore.
Let true peace and order be restored once more,
Give us our Independence like we had before.

© Brenda Sparkman
July 1, 2005

©Luvdalot Graphics & Design, 2003

Music: "God Bless The U.S.A."
Bob Mace Midi Page
Sequenced By: Bob Mace
Used With Permission