~An Hour With You~

Sometime so many years ago,
Moses, to his people went,
Came down from atop the mountain,
With the Commandments he'd been sent.

Those tablets that he carried,
And the words on there inscribed,
Were sent to lead all people,
Back towards God's side.

But sadly it did follow,
So many forgot that law,
That God had sent down to them,
And chose to just ignore.

Then finally came the coming,
Of God's only Son,
For He was sent to lead us,
Back to God, one by one.

He prayed to His Father often,
And chose the people He would need,
To help Him in His quest on Earth,
And plant again God's seed.

He spoke to many gatherings,
People came from everywhere,
Just to listen to the Son of God,
And all the words He shared.

So many stories were then told,
Probably a different one each day,
Just choose for yourself to follow Me,
And I'll lead you all the way.

But of all the stories that were told,
They all had a common thread,
Be sure of the direction you are going,
And where your feet do tread.

For if you choose not to believe Me,
There's still one thing I ask you do,
That somewhere deep within your heart,
You love Me as I have loved you.

So remember the Ten Commandments,
That will always remain true,
But the greatest words I can declare,
Is, "That you love one another, as I have loved you."

I'll give my life so freely,
And remember all who love,
For one day I shall return again,
And call those to Me above.

Dark Blue Knight
18th August 2005
All Rights Reserved.

Gospel of John
Chapter 15 Verse 12

"This is My commandment, That ye love one another,
as I have loved you."

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