~ An Hour With You~

Iíll be your friend now and forever,
Do you see love lives in me,
My love is yours and it won't sever,
Here I am, your love to be.

Come closer, release your lonely soul,
You will find love lives in me,
I'm the one who gives away life whole,
Let my love live and you'll see.

I'll be your love for eternity,
I'm love's fragrance of a rose,
My scent embraces you constantly,
With a sweetness that flows.

Come closer and look into my eyes,
Do you see my compassion,
My heart is true and my love neíer dies,
I'll always be your fashion.

Iíll be your friend now and without end,
My heart so wants you to know,
My love lives in me and I will send,
All my love to lift you so.

I'm Jesus, Love for eternity,
I'm all you'll need or e'er want,
I'll follow you through infinity,
Love is your only Entente.

©Sondra McPherson
July 1, 2005

Music: "Pure Love"
Jalal's Original Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Used With Permission