~ An Hour With You~

I'll dream of you every night,
Amidst the bright moon and stars,
You’ll love me with all your heart,
As I'm dreaming love is ours.

I'll dream you send me roses,
Sweet reds and lovely pure whites,
And I'll send my love always,
Just to hold you through the nights.

I'll dream a love song is ours,
While it sings to both our hearts,
And I'll love how you love me,
Dreaming God's promise imparts.

Oh I'll dream you dream of me,
In the moonlight as we kiss,
And I'll send my love always,
Sharing love and sweetness' bliss.

I'll dream love is ours today,
You'll hold me in your arms close,
Thrilling me with all you have,
I'll feel you'll love me the most.

I'll dream you and I are one,
Love’s roses and bouquets,
And I'll send my love always,
For you’ll fill my nights and days.

©Sondra McPherson
July 24, 2005

Music: "I Love How You Love Me" (Paris Sisters)

Sequenced by: George Cadero
Used With Permission