~ An Hour With You~


Love’s Memory...

Love’s story most times lives happy,
Love’s story now gone weeps a tear,
Love’s story of us seems to raise,
Love’s memory of you too near.

Just remembering still exists,
Just my heart is sad and then fills,
Loving was our romance and now,
Love’s memory of you so stills.

Love’s story of true love does pass,
Love’s story of true love does go,
Yet for a while my heart browses,
Love’s memory of you lives so.

To believe a heart writes of love,
To believe first loves are to be,
Loving you my heart now kisses,
Love’s memory of you and me.

Just a memory thrives to last,
Just a memory cries above,
Yet my heart grasps bidding you now,
Love’s memory is you my love.

Love’s story may last days of yore,
Love’s story may be in a song,
Love’s story of us touches sweet,
Love’s memory of you lives on.

©Sondra McPherson
December 7, 2005

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Script for float came from
Dynamic Drive


Music: "Memory"

Used With Permission
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