Hello there sheriff,
How goes your day,
You out huntin' bad guys,
Causing problems yo' way?

Now look here little man,
You are cute as can be,
But don't you think your too small,
To be a standing and shootin' at me?

I see your little shiny tin star,
I hear your commanding tone,
But you better watch out,
Fighting bad guys all alone.

You are not afraid you say,
You know, I believe it's true,
You stand like a real man,
And you are daring too!

I believe I hear your mother,
Calling out your name,
Better run along home son,
Tomorrow you can play your game.

The sun is getting lower,
Day turning into night,
I'll see back here tomorrow,
I'm sure the town will be alright,

Good night little sheriff,
Sweet dreams I pray for you,
May the happiness of your youth,
Follow you a lifetime through.


Gayle Davisİ
July 4th, 2005

Music "Watching Scotty Grow"

Sequenced By: Gloria Canfield
Used With Permission