~ An Hour With You~


"Let Us Remember"
(John F. Kennedy)

The sight was on target
the finger squeezed slow
The world would now suffer
Its most devastating blow

He slumped in his seat
as death took its hold
This giant among men
so brave and so bold

The news of this day
shocked the world in appall
So much a human
yet standing so tall

He gained admiration
through his deeds far and near
He alleviated somewhat
the world of its fear

Thank God for the time
He was able to spend
As the head of his country
to lead and defend

May his soul rest in peace
His image never dim
For he asked not of his country
But his Country of Him

Mr. DougŠ
"Mr. Doug" Frederick


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Music: "America The Beautiful"

Sequenced By: Les Gorven
Used With Permission