~ An Hour With You~




Though life tosses us about from shore to shore
We know that we will be safe and secure
For the hand of God to catch us

When we feel we drown in life
He will give the strength needed to endure
Each of us daily struggles must face
But in the end their memory from us
Shall He then erase
Like mighty rushing waters
Purifying all in it’s sight
Jesus’ blood cleanses us from every sin
They are removed and a new life
We can then begin

No matter how deep the troubled
Waters are in your life my friend
Upon the dear Lord you can
Surely depend
Fret not about failure today as
You still give God praise and love
As He your troubles doth erase
For He is fully capable of
Forgiving all of your wrongs
With His sufficient grace

Becky LaPrarie
©Copyright 2005

Let us pray:
Dear Lord so wonderful and so true,
How I adore you and I thank you for the storm
Clouds that frequently gather in our lives,
And a way to feel the beauty after it has blown It’s hardest.
Though we are battered we still tarry on, and I pray
My father that you will continue to give us the strength to face any
Future storms. Though the wind and the stinging pain from our sins and
Actions cause much grief and pain; afterwards is a reward of a lesson learned.




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Music: "Seaside"(Original)

Music provided courtesy of Esh© !"
Esh (Jim Eshleman,ll)
Used With Permissioin