~ An Hour With You~


Hey kid, lets talk about your position here,
You are real cute, kind'a look like me,
But I am the top man, the boss you know,
Its best you learn how things are to be.

I was born first and I hold top status,
I have earned my place, its my right,
Now you just have to follow along,
But I will teach you if you'll just sit tight.

I will teach you how to get your way,
How to make the grown-ups plead,
Together we will rule the roost,
They will take care of all our needs.

I will show you the way to smile,
To get their hearts to melt away,
I have learned just how to talk,
What words work to get your way.

It really is a good life, we have it made,
We will make a good team, you and me,
We'll work together on everybody,
I know the ropes, you'll soon see.

Now come on and join in with me,
We will start the new rules today,
Just watch and follow in what I do,
We'll call the game and control the play.

Don't we look so innocent?

Gayle Davisİ
November 11, 2005