~ An Hour With You~

When youíve come to the end of ...Trying
Knowing there is nothing, you can do
So tired of fretting and constant crying
Feeling sad, miserable and blue......

Donít give up in desperation
Hold on to faith, donít give up hope
Try not to feel, such exasperation
Talk to God ...Heíll help you cope

Your days may not be the brightest
And your nights...Long and gray
ĎTho, through this storm youíre going
The Lord is not so far away.......

He is there, through all your sorrow
Binding up...Your broken heart
He will see you through each tomorrow
Heíll never leave you, nor depart

Keep looking for that .....Silver lining
Brace yourself, and stand up tall
Donít lose trust, with sad resigning
Trust in the Lord, to take care of all!

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright © 2005


Artwork:  Lachrymae
by Lord Frederick Leighton

Color Scroll Bar Script
  Courtesy of:

Floater Script
courtesy of

Music: "Shenandoah"
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
"Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor."
Used With Permission