~ An Hour With You~

Just Dreaming

A far off land I'm dreaming of
Just looking at the stars above
I close my eyes and see your face
In the distant night, some other place.

I lay alone in the dark of the night
Wanting so much to hold you tight.
I'm wondering if you're thinking of me
Just wishing you were near me.

For a moment it seemed, I held you so near,
But then awakened to the chill of the air
Alone again, I think of you
Wishing I were near you.

I close my eyes your face is all I see...
I see you holding me.
I'm longing for your gentle touch
Still loving you so very much.

I'm dreaming now, that you will feel
My love for you is real.
Just close your eyes, and you will see,
My love for you, will always be

Carol Facerę
October 1987

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Music: "My Heart Will Go On"
The Duchess
Used With Permission