~ An Hour With You~


 Just A Prayer

Oh, dear Father, can't you please take me away?
I am so tired from the years that I've stayed.
I can't imagine what more there's to learn,
The world being to me a large cistern.

I am so tired of wishing for things,
Things I know life will never bring.
Peace, love, and tranquility,
From a world without reliability.

I can never be happy here,
Blinded from happiness by tears.
I've tried, and I've tried,
Wishing I could have died.

Wondering why I was sent,
To a world, to only repent.
They say, look at the bright side,
Yet I'm ashamed, wanting to hide.

Starvation, homelessness, and empty souls,
Yet you wish for me to fill all the holes.
I am not all, I am but one,
I cannot do it, without everyone.

The world is a lost place,
Full of despair, and disgrace.
Yet this is the place I'm to call home,
All I can then ask, Lord, is don't leave me alone.


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Corey WolfeGraphics by Rebecca

Music: "Lane's Theme"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission


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