~ An Hour With You~


How has the time taken so much away,
Why does my mind not let it all stay,
Why do I search and all I can find,
Is a glimpse of just a memory in my mind.

I try to remember, bring things back,
I grasp at an image and it rapidly retracts,
Leaving such a mindless empty void,
Time's displeasure has rudely destroyed.

The pictures were vivid, so real to me,
Now there is blackness, none can I see,
Tears course my cheeks, cascade from my eyes,
The unrecoverable past my mind belies.

Oh give to me one, just one sweet memory,
Don't savagely take my all away from me,
Let this sick mind recover in some part,
Replace the love I once knew in my heart.

Diseased and broken, I will die a shell,
Not remembering the one I loved so well,
Family is gone my mate is no more,
All my memory has slipped through the door.

I look with eyes blank and e'er dim,
People around but I don't know them,
Care is given, gentle hands stroke my face,
Just a memory I would gladly embrace.

Life holds no meaning, there is nothing to lose,
All has been discarded, like worn out shoes,
Yet I'm striving, Oh how hard I try to see,
But it is gone, even the glance of just a memory.

Gayle Davis©
June 26, 2005




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