~ An Hour With You~

Jesus Is Knocking Today

Jesus is knocking now at your door
"Please donít turn him away"
He may not come back if you say no
And may just go on His way.

"Oh what a turmoil" you life will be in
If Jesus would never call again,
Now is the time! as He calls on your name
And whispers softly, I will free your shame.

I will come into your heart this very day
And I will listen to all your hearts sigh
I will show you great joy and peace
And dry those tears that you cry.

Please open your heart for me today
I will cast all your burdens away.
I will help you put your life on the mend
And I promise forever to be your best friend.

I will take you to heaven to be by my side
Trust me my friend, I have never lied
"Please let me in" please do it today
For I many never again, come back your way.

Ann Hart©
Aug 28/2004



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