~ An Hour With You~

Beautiful dawning Oh lovely day,
A heavenly rose scent surrounds,
The angels sing Jesus is the way,
And all the while His love abounds.

Do you hear Him, Jesus at the door,
Are corridors of your heart rent,
Being drawn to Love forevermore,
Hear Oh bend your ear, live fervent.

Jesus at the doorís your only Lord,
Heís the Savior of all mankind,
God so loved us we can look forward,
Redemptionís a heavenly find.

Oh surrender all your heart right now,
Jesus at the doorís your only chance,
How He loves you, close your eyes then bow,
Heíll have your heart in but one glance.

I know what you are feeling I do,
Your heartís pounding furiously,
You see, Jesus at the door calls you,
Yes, He loves you gloriously.

ĎTis a lovely day for being born,
Jesus at the door, wonderful,
Yes Heís calling you, your heart's forlorn,
Oh let Him in, Heís beautiful.

©Sondra McPherson
June 23, 2005



Music: "Jesus Calls Us"

By: Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Steve Israel
Used With Permission