~ An Hour With You~

Come: For All Things are Now Ready


Jamie you were my Step-son,
in my life for quite awhile.
Oh, how my heart aches,
never more to see your smile.

The toll of you going away,
and to leave behind your Dad.
Has taken over his joyous soul,
and it's hard to see him sad.

For you I will take care of him,
along with your dear Son.
I consider this a welcomed task,
that I've already done.

Our hearts and lives,
will never ever be the same.
Since that night,
the Heavenly Father called your name.

We never ever thought,
that there would ever come a day.
That you would ever leave us,
and forever go away.

We miss you so very much,
our love for you never ending.
Heavenly Father our hearts,
desperately needs your mending.

You have gone beyond the clouds,
leaving us all to mourn.
Gone away to a Holy Land,
a golden Halo you now adorn.

The Heavenly Father there to greet you,
by an opened door.
There you will find Pureness,
and Peace forever more.

Dedicated to The Late James Bushey
Elizabeth Ann Bushey©
Copyright: 2005

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"Come: For All Things are Now Ready"
© by Danny Hahlbohm

Stars Cursor by Kurt Grigg

Set by Designer Lady

Music: "Tears In Heaven"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission


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