~ An Hour With You~

Itís Time For Me To Go

I heard my Savior calling me,
As from a far and distant shore.
Iím taking you home my dear child,
Where suffering will be no more.

Youíve faced your trials triumphantly.
Your work on earth is done.
Youíve been tested and youíve been tried,
But the battle now youíve won.

No more sorrow, no more tears,
For none of these will go.
For all these things that brought you grief
Are left behind you know.

Youíve won a crown for faithfulness,
And for speaking out my name,
Never feeling embarrassed,
Never feeling shame.

Now take my hand, for itís time to go,
Weíll sing and praise and wait,
Till all the loved ones left behind,
Can enter Heavenís gates.

Faye Reyenga ©
9 / 20 / 2004



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Music: "In The Garden"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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