~ An Hour With You~

In Mid Summers Love

Lovers caught up, in a whirl wind of romance.
With eager opened hearts.
Professing, undying endless love.
Sharing dreams and planning futures of the unknown,
of what they wish, to come to pass.

Proceeding down a path,
of a direction, unforeseen.
Completely unaware of,
where their final destination will take them.

Plagued with mixed emotions,
that can heal or break a heart.
Yet, with great persistence they tread forward,
into a sea of uncertainness.

Believing in miracles,
and heightened hopes of "Some day"
Finding refuge in each others arms.
Taking them to an,
unreachable far away place.

Laughing and whispering secrets.
Trying to control and shape their destiny.
In Mid Summers Love.

Elizabeth Ann Bushey
November 2005







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Music: "Dreaming Of You"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission