~ An Hour With You~


If Jesus came to visit you,
What would your reaction be?
Would you want to let Him in,
Be happy that it's Him you see?

Would you want to hide things,
Put Christian things in their place?
Wish that you had prayed more,
And not forgotten to say grace?

Since God knows everything,
How about the way you act?
Are you nice to your fellowman,
Don't gossip, use more tact?

Would you go to Church more,
And your Bible daily read?
Would you share what you have,
With others who have a need?

What about places you go,
With whom you spend your time?
God knows before He sees you,
If you sin, or your life is fine.

We should live every day,
Like Jesus was coming now.
Because it might be very soon,
So we must show others how.

Ruby KetronŠ





Music: "Visions"
Composed and Sequenced
By: Andy Klapwyk
Used With Permission