~ An Hour With You~

While sitting on a bench one day,
A young lady was sitting there,
She looked so broken hearted,
And filled with much despair.

I asked her what her problem was,
And could I help her in someway,
Her eyes were full of sorrow,
Then she began to say.

I was married to my sweetheart,
That I cherished many years,
Both of us shared a love so deep,
As She sobbed through her tears.

He swore he’d never leave me alone,
And he would always be here to stay,
But sickness over took him bad,
Until God took him home one day.

Now I am left here all alone so sad,
He was the only love that I had,
I watched her tears as they fell down,
And I listened with no one around.

Then I told her the story of another man,
Who lived so long ago,
Who loved us enough to die on a cross,
And He could save her soul.

And how He would come to live in her heart,
And bring her both peace and joy,
And I could see Him in her teardrops,
Every time she started to cry.

I asked if she knew a man named Jesus,
She sadly shook her head,
So I took her hand so gently,
And to Jesus she was led.

Now I know the day will come soon,
I will meet my love again,
And while the tears still glistened,
She slowly bowed her head.

Thank You Lord, for this new love,
That I have found on this bench today,
And now that I have You in my heart,
I know You are here to stay.

Ann Hart©
June 12/2005


Angel tube courtesy of Sealight's Tubes

Music: "She Came Into His Presence"
Grace Street Music
Words And Music By: Richard Blauvelt©
Used With Permission