~ An Hour With You~


I hear a love song in the night,
And it calls so tenderly,
Oh I believe the stars shine light,
For just one, let it be me.

I long to find loveís melody,
And yet will heaven bestow,
Will I hear loveís sweet harmony,
In a love song's gentle flow?

I hear a love song in the night,
Still crying let it be me,
A lonely call to be held tight,
Awaiting for love to be.

I yearn for a love looking too,
To gather me in loveís eyes,
Will I hear from my love so true,
Is this my love song that cries?

I hear a love song for a love,
Let it be me, love Iíll prize,
God smiles down on wings of a dove,
And a love song gently flies.

The nightís tender for loveís music,
Oh will the Lord soon bestow,
Will I at last see love I seek,
In a love songís touching glow?

©Sondra McPherson
July 25, 2005



Creations Lilian© Copyright October 2001

Music: "Let It Be Me" {Everly Bros., Willie Nelson}

Sequenced by: George Cadero
Used With Permission