~ An Hour With You~


I Do Believe

I cannot make the robin sing
the songs for you and me
I cannot make the rainbow hue
that in all of life we see

I cannot make the forest glade
the rippling brook I hear
Nor can I put the sun up high
nor control a tiny tear

I cannot make a golden leaf
pastelled with colors bright
I cannot tell the stars to shine
a glorious, wonderful sight

I cannot tell my heartstrings
who or what to love
All these things I cannot do
come from The Lord above

Yes, My Friend, I do believe
for His gifts all say "I Care"
And since we cannot do these things
Thank God - "He" lets us share

Mr. Doug©
"Mr. Doug" Frederick


Original Photograph © Tania Enders, Until Then Graphics

Music: "I Still Believe"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission