~An Hour With You~

I Believe

I believe in the power of prayer,
There's blessing to receive,
I believe in Christ the King,
I believe, Oh yes, I believe.

I believe in the Lord above,
That He died for souls like mine,
I believe His blood washes sins away
I believe, in His Grace Divine,

I believe my Lord created me,
From the dust upon the ground,
I believe that this same God,
Showers blessing that surround.

I believe one day I'll see,
Christ's wonderful glorious face,
I believe I am a child of the King.
Saved by His loving Grace.

I believe, yes I believe,
There is a better place,
I'll spend eternity in heaven,
Where my Lord I'll embrace.

Gayle Davis©
November 12, 2005

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Image in this set used with permission of 
Yen Bui

Midi "I Praise His Holy Name"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission


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