~ An Hour With You~


Well here we are,
All safe and sound
Though Rita has sure
Disrupted our town.

She flooded our streets
Tore down some trees
Ruffled some structures
For this we're not pleased.

But no lives were lost
No one has been harmed.
But losing some homes
Has caused such alarm.

Most had no power
We could not stay cool.
None of the children
Sent off to school.

Not sure if the water,
Was safe to drink.
We had loads of time,
To sit back and think.

Now what did our elders
Do all those years?
Without the convenience
To which we adhere.

I've just been thinking
About this stuff.
To take life for granted,
Oh, we have it so rough.

Now look at New Orleans
With nothing at all,
Sleeping in shelters
With fear they recall.

No home to go to.
Some have no car.
Small children and elders
Sent off afar

No money in pocket.
No gas to be found.
Many so poor,
They could not leave town

Lives were lost,
Carried away.
Not even a name
As families prayed.

Let's just be thankful
For family, and friends.
We'll put back together.
It's not quiet the end.

Tonya BonsteinŠ
2005 copyright



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