~ An Hour With You~


The darkness of night settles in,
As the moon begins to glow,
I hear my mother leave for work,
Oh God, I wish she didnít have to go.

I crawl into bed pulling the cover tight,
Dreading whatís going to happen to me,
Hoping against hope, I will be left to sleep,
Cringing when I hear footsteps, praying I could flee.

I feel the side of the bed give from his weight,
As he settles down to begin his invasion of my soul,
Hand slipping beneath the cover as he searches,
Finding me curled tightly trying to escape his hold.

Oh God, what have I done to warrant this daily assault,
I try to be the perfect child, to make them so proud,
I donít understand why this happens repeatedly,
I told my mom but she yelled really loud.

Telling me how much we need him to have a place to stay,
Now donít you make trouble, you will be good, you hear,
Donít go telling others the way we have to live,
The world is hard my girl, you best get your priorities in gear.

I know this world is hard and it is also cruel,
I live in a state of terror each and every day,
I shouldnít be made to take my motherís place,
Iím still a child, yet he gets to have his way.

What can I do to help myself to untangle this web,
The things he does to me I know it isnít right,
Yet the one who is supposed to love me,
Lets it happen night after night.

His groping hands find their target,
And I squeeze my eyes with all my might,
Oh Lord, help me find freedom ,
From this appalling plight.

Iím still just a child, wonít somebody please,
Help free me from this horrendous existence,
I canít take this abhorrence any longer,
And I canít find the courage for resistance.

Gayle Davis
March 7, 2002©

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Artwork:  Meditation, 1885
by William-Adolph Bouguereau

Color Scroll Bar Script
  Courtesy of:

Dynamic Drive

Music: "A Child's Cry"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission