~ An Hour With You~

Hold On

When the newborn first reaches out,
And grasps the hand extended toward him,
And from there, throughout his life,
He will be struggling for,

That acceptance that is "inborn" in us,
To be loved, and to be adored.
From the start, the newborn looks to Daddy,
His strength to provide for his every need.

As parents we try to always be there,
To hold the hand that reaches out for us,
Yet, somewhere along the way, we miss,
What we have learned from parents gone before us.

The child grows and soon will reach out to others.
We watch with trepidation; and with fear.
We want true love for them, love beyond all measure,
We Pray for a worthy person to appear.

Through all the years we share with them each heartache,
And all the joy their "grasping hands" can hold.
Prayers unceasingly continue for them,
We pray their lives will be purest gold.

Now we are old, and our concerns still linger.
Oh, child of mine, please try to understand.
No human being can meet your expectations.
No mortal man can give the "Promised Land".

'Tis Only God, who loves beyond all measure,
'Tis Only God, who will always see you through.
Oh, Please, with God Alone, build up your treasure,
For where your treasure is, your heart will be there too.

Don't try to understand each little problem,
Don't try to reason things with minute detail.
Just trust in God and all His Promises given,
Within the "Love Letters" written, the Holy Bible.

Don't let me die, not knowing that you understand,
That you have made your peace with God Above.
That you Praise the King of the Everlasting.
You understand the details of God's Abiding Love.

Reach out your hand, just once more for that finger.
Let Jesus' hand be the one you grasp.
Hold On to Him, with everything that is in you.
And I can rest in total Peace, at Last.


©MagnoliaD, 2005

Music: "Pure Love"
Jalal's Original Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Used With Permission