~ An Hour With You~

God's Love

His Love Still Remains The Same

God's love remains the same for all today
As when He sent his son Jesus
To die for all on an old rugged cross

He is still the same, it is we who have changed
It is we who still nail the iron into his hands
It is we who should have died that chilling day!

Day after day he remolds us and forgives us
With his endless mercy and grace
He is remolding us like fine clay
Into vessels that can better serve him
As He surely deserves

Father refine our hearts in the furnace of
Your spiritual fires and purify us like fine gold
Melt the old and add new and purer things
Unto these sin filled bodies and minds

Lord let all mankind see that earth
Was not intended to be our home
Yet we are so blessed you have loaned
Us this time with dear loved ones

Guide us and instill within our hearts
And minds your knowledge and then
Let us act more upon that which you
Have given us to do until your final return

Becky LaPrarie
ęCopyright 8/27/05



Music: "If That Is Not Love"

Performed By: Wander Fischer
Used With Permission