~ An Hour With You~


Oh my look, now do you see,
Santa is coming to see me,
A jolly fellow in suit of red,
Riding along in a big ole sled.

Oh it is Santa, I know 'tis true,
We've been good, me and you,
Is that a big sack full of toys,
To bring us kids lots of joys?

I see Santa, I do, I do,
Walking toward me and you,
We have to hide, and do it quick,
Or we'll get coal and a bundle of sticks.

Under the bed, come on slide,
He will see us, we have to hide,
Shhhhh be still don't say a word,
My heart is pounding, you think he heard?

He's eating the treats on the plate,
I wish he would hurry, I can hardly wait,
Sweet jolly Santa, and all those toys,
Drums and bugles to make lots of noise,

Here comes Santa Claus, now there he goes,
He smokes no pipe but has a big nose,
He is happy and laughs with a ho, ho, ho.
I love Santa Claus don't you know.

Gayle Davisİ
November 25, 2005


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Here Comes Santa Claus

Sequenced By Gary Rogers
Permission Granted