An Hour With You~*~Happy Halloween~*~
~ An Hour With You~

Have you read up on Halloween’s history.
Awaiting for this time of fun and mystery.
Come Halloween do you take a good look,
Sometimes even reading a real scary book.

Be sure to watch your children as they go,
Tell them to stay in a group and walk slow.
Because there are ghosts and goblins about,
Don’t be afraid to have them yell or shout.

Walk with them so they will not be afraid,
Ignore if said, “Mom I’m in the 6th grade!”
Just tell them either someone goes with you,
Or your days of trick or treating are through.

Halloween is a time for all to enjoy the fun,
But not if anyone is afraid and needs to run.
Maybe a party at home is the thing for you,
A happy celebration with family should do.

Be sure you can have a Happy Halloween,
Aware of all your surroundings and routine.
Bobbing for apples can be so very much fun,
A delightful night when families are all done.

© Brenda Sparkman
October 17, 2005

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John Torp
Music: "Sleepy"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission



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