~ An Hour With You~

Donna ~ September 29, 2005

"Happy Birthday" my darling Donna,
I'm sending big bouquets of Love,
And life's ''Best Wishes'' to you because,
You're my "Gentle Rose" from Above.

The Lord's so good to you every day,
And blessing me with you girl friend,
Gives me much joy, Oh how I love you,
Big Birthday hugs and smiles do blend.

Have great fun with your husband and boys,
All your loves and many friends too,
I couldn't let your Birthday pass by,
You're one year older than me, Wooooo!
hee hee

Happy Birthday, sweet Donna,
Big wishes I send with love,
God's blessing grow more each day,
A friendship bonded from above.

You are the prize flower in the garden,
The one that gives off a loving glow,
God shines heaven's love upon you
Filling the hearts of others thus so.

Jeanne will remember this birthday,
Missy sends much love her way,
I pray this is a most treasured memory,
May it be the greatest e'er Birthday.
Love you sis,

Your name always brings a smile,
For me you've gone the 'extra' mile!
You are so kind, that's easy to see
Doing so much for others, including me!

Your friendship I do treasure
It brings to me such pleasure.
May this birthday bring to you,
Blessings from family and friends too!

You are so precious to so many Donna!
Happy birthday!
I love you!

Happy Birthday little friend,
Creative hands you hold,
Giving beauty to everyone,
In colors bright and bold.

May the good Lord bless you,
May all your wishes come true,
I hope you have the happiest day,
Birthday wishes I send to you.

Happy birthday Donna
It's time to celebrate
Blow up balloons, make the punch
And don't forget the cake!

Your friends all come together
To send their love to you
Filled with joy and laughter
And blessings all year through.

Celebrate your special day,
It comes but once a year,
Blow out the candles on your cake,
And fill your day with cheer.

Age is only numbers,
Your spirit is still young,
You are a very special person,
Like a song ready to be sung.

I'm glad to have you as a friend,
And I hope your day is grand,
You deserve the very best,
So I hope your day's well planned.
"Happy Birthday Donna,"

 Donna, I wish you a wonderful, wonderful birthday
That is filled with family and friends
And I hope that every one of your birthday wishes
Comes true today.


Happy Birthday Dear Donna,
Happy Birthday to You.
May you have the best day sweet friend,
I hope that you are sent all the love you deserve.
Since I have not been given the talent of writing,
I will just say how much you mean to me.
No matter what I ask for,
You are so very special in every way.
God Bless You Donna and again Happy Birthday.

Hello there my dear, sweet friend!
I heard today was a very special day-
your birthday and since you're special
to me in so many ways, I just had to say...
I love you and hope you have a great day
filled with blessings from God up above.
May He shower you with special blessings.
May you always know how much you are loved.
Happy Birthday!!! :) :)

Birthdays come and birthdays go
We greet them year after year
Yet "Your" birthday is very special
To friends you've made everywhere.

Donna, I'm wishing the best for you
May your heart's desires, be filled each day
I pray God's blessings, each day anew
As you spread love and kindness your way.
Happy Birthday Donna
Luv ya,

You bring sweet joy to all you know,
With your kind and thoughtful heart.
In my life your friendship,
Was special from the start..

You are dearly loved by all your friends,
And always will be too.
It means so much to have a friend,
That is special such as you!

Happy Birthday!


Copyright 2004 Grammys Gallery
Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved.

Music: "Happy Birthday"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission