~An Hour With You~

Happy Birthday Melva

A country gal from California,
Has become a friend so dear,
I hear she's got a birthday,
So all you folks gather near,

We're gonna sing a little tune,
And dance a step or two,
We are celebrating a birthday,
For a special friend, Yahoo!!!

Bring all your wishes in,
We will spread them all around,
And let this country gal know,
We are glad of the friend we've found.

Happy Birthday Sunshine,
May all your days be e'er bright,
May the candles on your cake,
Represent a friendship's light.

Happy Birthday To You, Melva

Up to the heavens with our song,
We wish you a marvelous day,
You are such a beautiful friend,
We've lots of wishes to convey.

Sing and dance in Celebration,
How our joy chimes the bells higher,
'Happy Birthday,' it's Party Time,
May your day fill your heart's desire.

May your blessings unfold sweetly,
Just as you bless us every day,
You give us love, smiles, lots of joy,
Sending sweet cards and notes our way.

Have the 'Grandest' Birthday ever,
You always give much happiness,
Sharing your love with us your friends,
How we wish you God's blessedness.

Happy Birthday, Melva

The twinkle in your lovely eyes
The softness of your sweet voice
Your gentleness and kindness
Which lightens up my heart

Even though I haven't heard you
Or looked into your beautiful eyes
I can tell without even seeing
What you look like inside

I'm wishing you great happiness
On this you're very special Day
You know you're getting older
But sweetie, it is only in your mind

For your heart is just a youngster
It's filled with precious love
Now I'm wishing you a Happy Birthday
And letting you know you're loved

My days are happier because I know,
That you are in them, your love to show.
Your sweet friendship, a willing gift,
Always here, my spirits to lift.

So on this very special day,
I send my love and wishes your way.
You are the best, and certainly due,
The Happiest Birthday wish to you.

I love you Dearly, Shy,

To know you is to know the joy,
Your kind and thoughtful heart,
Has brought to all the lives in which,
You have a special part.

So dearly loved by many,
And always will be too,
Because it means so much to us,
To have a friend like you.

"Happy Birthday Mel"

Happy Birthday to you ....My friend
It’s that special time of the year
Many good wishes, and love I send
And in spirit....I will be there

A toast I make, and celebrate too
On the very day, of your birth
I also thank God for sending you
For you make this a better.... Earth

The kindness and love you share
To everyone in Cyber-Space
Makes me believe, that many times
You’ve caused a smile, on someone’s face

Blow out the candles, and make a wish
May your day be sunny and bright
As I pray ‘God ’ to bless and keep you
And may all your dreams, take flight!

Have a Very Happy Birthday, Love you,
Judith Johnson Kypta

It's finally here, that special day...
And now we celebrate,
A day God smiled upon the earth
When you, He did create.

He must have known I'd need a friend
To bring a smile each day;
Then he called you by your name
And sent you by my way.

Your light most surely shines for Christ
In all you say and do.
I wish you joy and blessings now...
And all the whole year through.

love and blessings, marie

Happy Birthday Melva

As I sit and see another day,
And think what it will bring,
I suddenly recall it is,
A time that I should sing.

Sing a song out so loudly,
For that really is the trend,
To let you hear my voice just singing,
For you are a truthful friend.

Now the reason for my tune is,
Not one that you need fear,
Because today is such a special one,
And the passing of another year.

So Melva, I do sing the words,
And tell you they ring true,
So on this day in your lifetime,
I sing "Happy Birthday" just for you.

May our Lord truly bless you,
And the ones that you adore,
For this may be your birthday,
And I'll pray you see many more.
(Eddie - Dark Blue Knight)

Happy Birthday Melva,

I hope this is a very special one for you
And that you have special surprises waiting for you.
Enjoy the day with your family and friends
You are so special to me and always have been.
You are always here for everyone,
I want to be here for you too.
Happy Birthday Special Lady.

Love You, Carolyn


To a dear and loving friend: I wish you the very best of
birthdays, and many more to come. May the Lord bless
and keep you always, as you work in His behalf here
on this earth. You are a blessing to me, and I love you
my dear sister in Christ..

It's Melva's Birthday, but I am the recipient of her gifts:
Melva has a simple way that gives your heart a lift,
A phone call and you hear that voice,
That time does not erase,
That "Southern-drawl" that says it all.

The happiness she offers you,
The hope to help you cope,
The Love she shares with everyone,
You just can't sit around and mope....
She brightens up any day.

She Loves the Lord with all her heart,
And makes it plain to all she meets,
That Jesus is the reason for the season,
Whatever that season may be....
Jesus' LOVE shines through.

God has given me many Blessings
If you know me, you know this is true.
One of the Best Blessings He has bestowed
Was getting to know YOU
Happy Birthday Melva.

God Bless and remember...........U R Loved

I came to wish a very Happy Birthday,
to a special lady who makes me smile.
Sending sweet cards, verses and notes
She always makes my day worthwhile.

She is such a sweet friend to have
If you know her, you're so blessed.
I thank the Lord each day for her
for I think she is the very best!

Happy Birthday Sweet Melva!!
I love you!

Happy Birthday Melva,
Your friendship I hold dear,
I hope your special day,
Is the best of the year.

You are a friend to many,
A witness for the Lord above,
Spreading His goodness around the net,
Giving of His cherished love.

So have a happy birthday,
Across cyberspace I sing,
Happy Happy birthday my friend,
May this day all of your wishes bring.


Music: "Happy Birthday"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission
Please Go and Buy her Music