~ An Hour With You~

Happy Birthday Marie!

Birthday wishes for sweet Marie...

Wishing you a fabulous birthday, Marie
May all His many blessing be upon you today
And may He use you for many years to come
With the words that He wants to relay.

Your lovely poems stir my heart
And a special closeness to Him comes to view
And all because I have read a sweet poem
That comes from Him to the heart of you..

Have a 'Happy Birthday' Marie,
A day when God blessed you so too,
Giving you so many sweet gifts,
I praise the Lord for all you do.

I'm sending lots of love and hugs,
For you from Indiana way,
You are the sweetest friend to me,
'Grand wishes' are coming this day.

Take a moment all just for you,
It's time for your 'Celebration,'
Blow out candles and enjoy songs,
Welcome love and admiration.

Someone told me you have a special day,
I am glad the news leaked out my way,
Now I can tell you what I want to say,
I hope you have a very Happy Birthday.

Sweet words you pen right from the heart,
Inviting others to share a part,
Praise to the Lord you give from the start,
As you follow a path that Jesus did chart.

Happy Birthday my little friend,
Hope this is a great one for you,
You give a lift in spirit with words,
That always inspire others too.

May the world treat you sweetly,
And your day be filled with fun,
As with family you gather,
Covered in blessings from the son.

When I ask you three years ago to use your poem,
Little did I know we would become this close of friends.
I thank God for sending me you at a time in my life,
When I needed someone so much.

You might not know what you have done for me in my own life,
But I will always remember how kind and loving you have always been.
I ask God today on this very special day of yours,
To give you all the love He can for a Special and Happy Birthday.
(I Love You, Carolyn)

You are a special friend that came my way,
Possessed with a beautiful gift.
One who writes such beautiful words,
That spirits you always lift.

As now your birthday comes around,
Best wishes I'd like to send.
May your life be filled with many more,
And love I do extend.

For a poet with a heart pure as gold.
God uses you in ways you may not know.
As the words flow from heart to paper,
it's the heart of God you long to show.

You touch others with the words you pen.
Keep writing for God uses you in special ways.
Today I want you to know, you're a blessing!
So I've come to wish you, Happy Birthday!

A "Happy Birthday" wish to you
A fun filled day that's blest too!
With treasures of the heart,
And memories that will ne'er part.

May you be treated as a Queen
And each hour of the day, be serene.
With family and friends at your side
And heaven's door opened wide,

Pouring blessings galore from above
May God shower you with His Love.
I send to you love from my heart
That God alone can impart!

"Happy Birthday Sweet Marie!"

Marie, what a beautiful name,
Happy Birthday to you our friend
We've never really met, but,
I'm sure we will in the end.

Enjoy your special day
Celebrate & have a real blast
Get to it now girl cause.....
At our age, it won't last.

Get together with your friends
And play a game or two, but remember
At our age it's not a matter of
winning or losing it........

On a more serious note;

This greeting comes with warmest thoughts
that are yours throughout the year
For you are such a Dear Friend
to all that are near.

This greeting comes with wishes for the very best
that could ever come your way..
Love in your life, peace for tomorrow
And happiness for today.

Happy Birthday Marie!
God Bless & Guide You Always
Much Love From Dede & Dick

Wishing you a Happy Birthday, Precious Marie.
The Love of God brightly shines from in you.
For Godly people like you, I Praise the Lord!
Keep trusting Him to work all things for good.
In His hands, with Love in Christ,

Happy Birthday Marie

A day I wish, with all good cheer
One filled with love and laughter
Making wonderful memories
To cherish forever after.......
With love...Judith Johnson Kypta (Judie)

Birthday Wishes From Your On-Line Friends To You.
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