~An Hour With You~

Happy Birthday LadyGayle

I know a special angel
Who is a special friend to me
I heard she is having a birthday
My love I am sending to thee

She's not getting any older
For beautiful angels stay the same
So Happy Birthday to you sweet one
For I could not love you more


Happy Birthday sweet angel girl,
To all you give such happiness,
You’ve a heart of love sharing dreams,
Blessing us always in sweetness.

May the Lord bless you graciously,
Special to us is your Birthday,
May you feel in your heart the love,
We give to you this day our way!


I do thank God for the gift of you.
A true friend through and through!
God gave a precious gift to me.
Thankful to Him I'll ever be!

The second is a very special day,
A day in which I'd like to say,
Happy Birthday to you my friend!
Special blessings may God send!


Your sweet words are written from the heart,
Your generosity allows me so many poems to send,
To children who fight so hard, who have so little to smile about,
God Bless you on this special day ~ these words I want to shout!


I heard today is special for you,
But I will not tell who told me the news.
You deserve the best from all of your friends,
So here I am trying again.

I hope you get the treatment of a Queen,
Cuz that is what you are to me.
I look up to you today and always,
A Big Happy Birthday Wish is coming your way.
( I Love You Gayle )


My friend, what a treasure you are!
You always have lots of love to spare
for all of us and your grand kids too.
We've come to say thanks for all you share.

Your birthday is such a special day
for my friend, you are exceptional too.
So to you we send these special wishes
from all your friends at An Hour With You.


Happy Birthday to
Our wonderful friend, Gayle
Who is always there for all,
Someone we can count on
To be there without fail.

We love you Lady Gayle!


God gave me a special blessing,
The day that I met you.
He knew you would be someone I'd love,
A friend I would cherish too.

What a beautiful friend you are to all,
Sweet friendship we all share.
We pray God's blessings on this day,
Because for you we care.


Once upon a time
Two years past
Though I had many friends
Some part was missing.

Then one day
A friend told me of
Someone very special
That I should meet.

Since that day
The part has been
Well filled by that
Very special Friend.

Thank you Lady Gayle
For being such a friend to me.

God bless you in everyway.
Capt. Rosebud


Happy Birthday Lady Gayle!

From Captain Rosebud and all the Girlies!

August 2, 2005



Music: "Happy Birthday"
Bob Mace's Midi Web Page
Sequenced By Bob Mace
Used With Permission