~An Hour With You~

I know I am the oldest,
And you derive much glee,
Of telling me I am o'er the hill,
And "you're older than "Me", hee hee".

Oh yes you get a big charge,
Of bragging about your prized youth,
But now you will have to admit,
Our ages are the same, 'tis the truth.

Happy birthday my cherished friend,
May your day be special and blessed,
For an old codger who's moved o'er the hill,
I think you are just the absolute best.

Now the age debate is put to rest,
I want to wish you a happy birthday,
Happy Birthday my God given friend,
Have a wonderful and blessed day!!


A Happy, Happy Birthday Capt. Rosebud,
And Jimmy and Honey Buns too,
We know a sweet darlin' teddy bear's names,
And all belong to just one, YOU!

You're special, so sweet, we Girlies love you,
Life without you couldn’t be Grand,
And I for one, want to say on your day,
You’re the sweetest man in this land!

Now to age being the pits, you can’t know,
You’re the baby right next to Gayle,
Hit my age and you all can sing my song,
Happy days are here and we ‘hail!’ hee hee

“Happy Birthday” my sweet friend, I love you!
You've a special place in my heart,
There's nobody like you and we Praise God,
We Girlies and YOU will ne'er part!

God told me a secret,
A secret of His love,
He sent down Captain Rosebud,
To show us how to love.

Told me Captain Rosebud (Jimmy),
Was his fishermen of souls,
Your gentleness and softness,
Is way beyond compare.

So on this special Birthday,
I want to show my love,
For God has showed me,
You’re special, special gift of love.

Have a Happy Birthday,
Our dear Sweet Teddy Bear,
Thank you for your kindness,
We will always love you!


"Birthday Wishes" are on the way.
They'll reach you on your 'Special Day.'
From your Girlies, who are your treasures,
You do for us, and that's without measure!

Love for you, is Christ like love
That God instituted from above.
He's pleased as He can be with you
You show His Love in all you do!

Your friendship's treasured by 'this here' Girlie
And I had to get up mighty 'early'
To be the first in line to say to you,
"Happy Birthday" and many more too!

God Bless you Dear Friend!
I wish you a treasured Birthday!

To my favorite Rosebud
I send this birthday greeting
'Tis a time to celebrate
'Though time is surely fleeting!

So what~ you're getting older
We love you just the same
As long as you remember
All your 'girlies' names!

We've shared a lot of laughter
You brightened many days
So with love I send my wishes
For a fun-filled blessed birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jimmy
To the Captain we all love,
You're definitely an angel,
Sent from up above.

May your day be filled with blessings,
As you celebrate today,
We're so ever thankful,
God sent you our way.

So, Happy Birthday Captain,
Enjoy you're special day,
I really do admire you,
In each and every way.

"Happy Birthday" Captain

Going on four years since I met you,
We have laughed and cried together.
You are and always will be one of my best friends.
There is no way I can ever pay you back in words
for all you have done for me and my family.
I have not enough dollars to give you for all you have done.
You have been here for me as a little brother, teacher and friend.
You have never turned away as my listening ear.
And for that I will always thank God for sending you my way.
So today my prayer is that all your dreams and wishes will come true.
Happy Birthday Jimmy I will always be praying a special one for you.

Have a Super Duper Happy Birthday.
Love Your big Sister , CJ

Jimmy, you grow more precious to
me with each day that passes by.
God had a great blessing in store
when we met, this we can't deny.

I never knew what a dad's love could be.
You graciously took me under loving wing,
accepted me as I am, just as Jesus does.
My heart is lifted high as praises I sing.

I thank the Lord above for sending you my way.
You are so special to me so I just had to say
Happy Birthday, Jimmy. I think you're really grand!
You'll always hold a special place in my heart!
So when I call you DAD, I know you understand.:)

Thank you Jimmy!! Happy Birthday!! Love,

Happy Birthday Jimmy,

A better friend could not be found
Even if time could be rewound
His love for all is never ending
To some there is no comprehending

Jimmy, we love you with all our heart
We know now, we'll never part
Our friendship is growing so strong
With a friend like you, we can't go wrong

This is your very special day, enjoy it
Don't work for others while you sit
Get outside and go celebrate
Do it up good, nothing second rate

We wish you a pocket full of sunshine
Or the gold at the rainbows end
Or an unexpected greeting
From a dear and cherished friend

May your birthday be the very best
That there could ever, ever be
This wish comes from so very many
Because we love you, don't you see

We pray your birthday is relaxing,
calm and enjoyed to the fullest
because you deserve it,
our precious friend.....

On this, your birthday and always,
May your life be filled
with the love and happiness
you always give to others.

"Beloved, I wish above all things
that thou mayest prosper and be
in health..." III John 2

You're just a big ole Teddy Bear,
That's sweet as sweet can be.
A Teddy Bear that's loved so much,
Especially by me!

We all know that we must share you,
As others love you too.
We know you're always there,
When there's something we can't do.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed",
And I thank you so very much..
For the wonderful friend you are to all,
And the many hearts you touch.

And now we have a special day!
It's birthday time once more.
So Happy Birthday greetings I send,
With best wishes galore!

Music: "Happy Birthday"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission