~ An Hour With You~

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I look around this house of mine,
Where our children did once play,
But it is all so silent now,
For they have moved on their own way.

Now there are only two of us,
And lots of empty space,
I wonder where the years have gone,
And how the time did race.

It was not all so long ago,
Our first child came to our home,
But just like all our others now,
They have families of their own.

Oh yes, we do see them often,
As they return from where they came,
But it matters not how long they stay,
It's never quite the same.

For as they have grown older,
We know we must not ask why,
For we gave them everything we could,
And we surely cannot cry.

So I guess the time is now,
That we begin to think of who are we,
And I know that all that I do want,
Is for you to grow old with me.

Yes, as I look at you my dear,
Let me tell you I don't care,
That we no longer are what we once were,
Nor that youth we had to share.

So many years have moved along,
Since you came into my life,
And it wasn't long thereafter,
That I took you as my wife.

Yes, dearest one I sit here now,
And think of years gone past,
And we don't know how long we've left,
Upon this Earth to last.

But until that time does come along,
And this life I no longer see,
I'll see my elder years so happy,
If you just grow old with me.

Dark Blue Knightİ
17th November 2005
All Rights Reserved

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Music: "Sentimental Journey"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
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