~ An Hour With You~

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Iím going home to meet my master,
No more this earth to roam,
I was only passing through this land,
But now Iím going home.

No more troubles and trials,
No more heart aches and tears,
Going to a home of endless ages,
With no more measure of years.

Now Iím going home,
Iíll sit at Jesusí feet,
Iíll sing praises to His Holy name,
And loved ones there Iíll meet.

Thereís Mom and Dad, and sisters too,
And loved ones Iíve never met,
Iíll know them then, and Iíll be known,
When we meet at heavenís gates.

Iíll not miss those I left behind,
Not that I donít care,
In heaven thereíll be no sadness,
Thereíll be no sorrow there.

So, until we meet again,
On heavenís shining shores,
Be strong, be faithful, full of love,
Till time shall be no more.

Faye Reyenga©
6 / 19 / 2003

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Music: "How How Great Thou Art"

Performed By Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission


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