~ An Hour With You~

I heard a soft whisper in my ear,
So tender and full of care,
I listen closely to the words,
That touched my heart so dear.....

The voice said, I am Jesus,
The one who loves you so,
And I am always near you child,
Wherever you may go .....

I know your every heartache,
I can feel your every pain,
I have dried your teardrops,
Time and time again.......

My child it will soon be over,
I am coming back for you,
To take you back to heaven,
To see your loved ones too......

But you must wait a little longer,
There are many souls in sin,
And I need you child to help me,
For there’s many you can win......

I felt such peace within my heart,
And a comfort in my soul,
To know that, no matter how rough it gets,
My Jesus is in control......

Ann Hart©
March 15, 2003



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Butterfly script courtesy Dynamic Drive

Music: "Remind Me Dear Lord"
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission