~An Hour With You ~



Take this gift of love,
Offered from the heart,
A friendship so divine,
Blessed by God from the start.

He led our paths to cross,
Put the prints in the sand,
We walked the paths in faith,
Holding to His loving hand.

The beautiful rose of friendship,
I give to you my dear friend,
Kissed by angels from on high,
Hold it close as through life you wend.

The petals are layers of pious hope,
The thorns reminders of the Son of God,
The stem is the strength that carries us,
Along life's winding paths we trod.

As you look upon the rose given,
See the beauty God has grown,
As our friendship blossoms,
Let it reflect kindness shown.

I will be as the stem in strength,
My hope is for a friendship true,
The thorns will not pierce my soul,
God blessed this friendship with you.

Gayle Davisİ
June 26, 2005










Music: "A Beautiful Friendship"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission