~ An Hour With You~

I see a gift most precious,
Sent from the heavens above,
A tiny bundle of joy I hold,
Filling my heart with sweet love.

Little hand grasps and holds tight,
Claiming my finger as its own,
Innocence from the beginning,
From heaven's shores spawn.

I thank You Lord Jesus,
A gift more precious than gold,
My heart is a glowing ember,
Warming all within my soul.

Yes it is a gift from God,
The greatest of all time,
I stand in God's sight,
He must abide in mine.

Sweet little Gift from God,
Treasured deep in my heart,
Forever grateful to the Lord,
For the family that I'm a part.

Gayle Davisİ
July 27, 2005


Image used from SXC

Music: "At Home With Jesus"

By Elton Smith, Veronica Smith and Linda Edge
Used With Permission