~ An Hour With You~

I dream of our forbidden love,
I long for your gentle touch,
My heart pines for you dear,
I dream of being in your clutch.

Why must we be parted?
Heart's love e'er forbidden,
Leaves my soul desperate,
Each thought silently hidden.

The fire burns that you ignited,
Inside my emotions are inflamed,
I live in my forbidden dreams,
Feelings consume, leaving me drained.

Oh sweet love of my forbidden dreams,
Come to me once again by the sea,
Let us fulfill our prolonged yearnings,
Let's taste the sweetness of love's plea.

I remember the strength of your arms,
The seeking of your lips upon mine,
Hidden desire is driving me insane,
Let us taste of a love so divine.

Gayle Davisİ
October 28, 2005

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Music: "How Much Must I Endure"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission



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