~ An Hour With You~


The summer of nineteen fifty three,
Found four acres for sale,
Five hundred dollars was a good price,
Soon could make a nature trail.

Had plenty of room for a house,
But had a problem there,
The family put their heads together,
Praying for answer to prayer.

Talked to the man at the bank,
Two hundred dollars was it,
Enough for block, cement and sand,
So it was not a time to sit.

Bright and early Monday morning,
The family went to work,
Mixing cement and hauling block,
No one his job did shirk.

Working from morning until dark,
Soon help came from others.
Before long all the walls were up,
Thanks to everyone and his brothers.

Some friends helped with electricity,
Others helped with plumbing,
Soon floors was the next big job,
That too was up and coming.

Cement was poured for a porch,
Then before it was dry,
Our three-year-old son took a stroll
To the front door, “Bull’s Eye!”

Smoothed all the foot prints out,
Left one at the front door,
Then for the next thirty-three years,
A footprint on the floor.

At the front door under the mat,
This little footprint stayed,
I wish that I had cut it out,
And kept it for display.

I have lost so many keepsakes,
Because I did not reckon
At the time, it was important,
And now it is too late.

So I can still live with memories,
And picture in my mind,
All the little things that seemed,
So unimportant at the time.

Codell Donehoo©

Paula Vaughan, Artist

Luvdalot Graphics & Design

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