~ An Hour With You~

Fly, fly, fly away to freedom,
Break forth from the ties,
Escape into the heavens,
Spring forth like the eagle flies.

Oh heart, I am commanding you,
Leave the bonds of love behind,
Fly away to your freedom,
Freeing thoughts of the mind.

It was to be a sweet sharing,
The love found deep in the heart,
Yet my soul was taken from me,
Without giving from the start.

I long to be free once more,
Without the bondage worn,
To live and love again one day,
My heart not withered and torn.

My heart beats rapidly,
It is becoming e'er free,
I am flying to sweet freedom,
Without restraints you'll find me.

I soar like the majestic eagle,
But on wings delicate as lace,
I am as a newly emerged butterfly,
Shedding a cocoon of disgrace.

Gayle Davis
July 17, 2005


Music: Damselfly At Twilight"
Rodney A. Brubaker's MIDI Music

2001-2004 By Rodney A. Brubaker
Used With Permission