~ An Hour With You~

Do you feel my love flowing ‘round you,
Like a sea or river streaming,
Currents and waves spill my messages,
Sent from a star’s shiny gleaming.

I imagine waiting by the moon,
High in the heavens under stars,
With oceans of waters flowing love,
To you I wave my dreams for hours.

Do you feel my love flowing ‘round you,
I pour my heart forth with my love,
You will never know the love of me,
‘Til the Lord sends you from Above.

I wonder ‘bout you and where you are,
Go to any waters and gaze,
Let your heart soar with my flowing love,
We’ll be one soon and God I’ll praise.

©Sondra McPherson
November 1, 2005



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Music: "Ebb Tide"

Sequenced By: Ted Keener
Used With Permission


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