~An Hour With You~

The lazy days of summer
Come quickly to an end.
Crisp cool air of autumn
Is breezing 'round the bend.

Grandpa's homestead memories
Take me back to happy times.
The old well pump's still standing
And the pumpkin's on the vine.

We'll share jelly from the apples
Picked fresh from apple trees.
And soon there'll be some walnuts
We can bake our favorite sweets.

Grandpa made fresh sausage
From his own recipe
Grandma made the biscuits
Saved molasses just for me!

If I listen very closely
I'll hear music that he played.
Music like none other
Love songs for grandma Kate.

The old black kettle filled
With pork rinds made from scratch
I still smell them cooking
There was always 'one more batch!'

And then there were the stories
That only he could tell
As he drew a cup of water
From the spring fed water well.

Think I'll sit a spell and ponder
In the Adirondack chair
Of the autumns at my Grandpa's
Wish you were there to share.

Marie Williams©


Tom Sierak, Artist

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