~ An Hour With You~


Drifting, golden leaves flow slowly by
Melancholy, gracefully, falling down,
Carpeting the shaded forest glen
Reminiscent of distant autumns I have known.

Walk a moment more beside me, love,
Let us once again regard the mystery
Of the autumn colors gently falling from above,
Hold me closely within this reverie.

Oh, how I miss the touch of your sweet hand,
The light in your eyes of heavenly blue,
The love you felt for this sweet autumn land,
How much I loved walking it with you.

I long to hold you near my breast once more,
And feel your heart beating close to mine.
God gave us such a love, oh, so secure,
God knew this love would stand the test of time.

Weep not, sing, love, praise God, and worship
For you are not walking all alone, my love,
With Jesusí blessing, I walk beside you,
Until you can join me, in the land of Perfect Love.

Drifting golden leaves flow slowly by
Melancholy, gracefully falling down.
Kneeling I say a prayer for you, my love.
Amidst the golden carpet on the ground.






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Music: A Time For Us

Sequenced by: Jack Hall
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