~ An Hour With You ~



Welcome to my isle of dreams,
Where thoughts are e'er so real,
Love flows in deep rivers bold,
Hearts beat in a rhythmic thrill.

Live in your thoughts for a while,
Forget the past, forget the 'morrow,
Let reality be only sweet dreams,
Laying aside all of life's sorrow.

Ah, the mind races in all directions,
Collecting, gathering and keeping,
Wishes and dreams scattered in life,
All that's been lost now frantically seeking.

Live the moment as though it were the last,
Wildly pursue each daring, passing dream,
Flitting about as a beautiful butterfly,
Grasp them, but break not the wings.

Let them fly onward to the future,
For reality has returned in a fury,
Awakening, leaving the isle of dreams,
Only to return when life allows the luxury.

Gayle Davisİ
June 26, 2005



Music: "Dream a Little Dream of Me"

Sequenced By: George Cadero
Used With Permission